U.S. Marines who cracked the Jill Carroll kidnapping case say the American journalist who grew up in Ann Arbor was held for a time in a home within sight of a sprawling U.S. military base in western Iraq.

The Marines said the big break occurred May 19, when they searched a suspect’s home near the Taqqadum logistics base seven weeks after Carroll’s release. A lieutenant linked the residence to intelligence reports in the case.

After one man was arrested near Taqqadum, other troops captured three more suspects and freed two kidnapped Iraqis in other hideouts where Carroll is thought to have been held, including a house that was booby-trapped and full of explosives, the U.S. command said Wednesday. . .

The news was welcomed in metro Detroit, where the Michigan branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations played a role in trying to get Carroll released.

“We welcome the arrest of any potential perpetrators of the Jill Carroll kidnapping,” said Dawud Walid, who heads the Michigan branch. “We hope that this will help give some closure to Ms. Carroll and her family.” Two members of the council traveled to Baghdad to plead for her release.


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