Saeed Elhadi, a longtime resident of a suburb of Detroit, says he’s uncertain if he will vote in today’s Michigan primary or not. “In my opinion I don’t think many Muslims in Michigan voted either in the primary or will cast a ballot in the upcoming presidential election for that matter,” Elhadi said. “I think that many of them feel that voting isn’t a top priority and has little effect on the political outcome so they don’t see the point in making the effort.”
The feeling of being unrecognized has been coupled with the controversy surrounding the changing of the date of the primary, which caused the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to declare none of the state’s 128 delegates will be used to decide the Democratic candidate. . .
Making up roughly three percent of the Michigan population and accounting for 115,000 votes, US-based Islamic organizations and Muslim civil rights groups say that if given the proper awareness and motivation to get out and vote, Muslims in Michigan and across the nation could very well be able to sway the GOP nomination to the candidate that is the most willing to address their needs.
A prominent national Muslim civil rights and advocacy group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, has launched a website in efforts of increasing Muslim participation in the primaries and US election to be held in November later this year.
The website provides the latest news, opinions related to Muslims and elections nationwide in addition to the positions of presidential candidates on key issues, examples of anti-Muslim rhetoric from candidates of all levels of public office and links to the websites of Muslims running for public office. The website also contains a so-called Civic Participation Handbook that provides Muslim voters a step-by-step guide to holding voter registration drives to making the most of meetings with elected officials.
Speaking about the enthusiasm being received since the launch of the website, CAIR National Legislative Director Corey Saylor said, “Each election cycle, America’s Muslims become better organized and more savvy about asserting our voice in our nation’s electoral dialogue and this is a community that is excited about the contributions our strong family values and foreign policy insights can make in changing the course of the nation.” (MORE)
(Those wishing to visit the website can log on to


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