An Islamic civil liberties group this week called on Gold’n Plump Inc. in St. Cloud to look into the alleged firing of Muslim workers at one of the company’s processing plants.

A statement from Gold’n Plump said those reports are inaccurate and that no employees have been fired from the plant, but rather they resigned on their own.

The allegations come as Gold’n Plump, Minnesota’s largest chicken producer, faces a federal lawsuit filed over discrimination claims.

Nine Somalian immigrant employees at Gold’n Plump in October filed a federal lawsuit alleging that they were discriminated against because of their race and their religion at the company’s Cold Spring plant.

The group says the company would not permit them short breaks during the day to pray. The company has said it has made accommodations to allow Muslim employees to pray since 2003.

In the latest allegations, the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said two workers were fired and three workers quit in protest Sunday at the Arcadia, Wis., plant because a new schedule prohibited them from taking a break for prayer.

The employees told the council that the company had accommodated daily prayers by using a floating break schedule in past months, but a revised policy did not accommodate all Muslim employees’ schedules.


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