Westwood Middle School in Blaine has launched an investigation into allegations that Muslim students were taunted and that their complaint was mishandled by school staff. The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights group, made the allegations public in a letter to the superintendent of Spring Lake Park school district.

CAIR alleges in the letter that on Sept. 11, 2006, an eighth-grade girl wearing a headscarf was called a “terrorist” by another student. When she reported the incident to a counselor, he allegedly didn’t take any action.

The student’s parents met with school officials, who ensured them that they will provide a sensitivity training to students. That too, never happened, according to CAIR.

Last month, CAIR received another complaint that two other Muslim students had food and milk thrown at them at the school cafeteria. A confrontation ensued between the students and the non-Muslim student who allegedly did that.

According to CAIR Chairwoman Lori Saroya, instead of reprimanding the student who started the trouble, the assistant principal chastised one of the Muslim students for name-calling her attacker.

According to the complaint, he allegedly said to her, “Is it a Muslim character to call people bad names?”

“It’s appalling that he is using her religion against her,” said Saroya.

According to Saroya, the assistant principal recently called the parents of the Muslim student in one of the incidents, informing them that their daughter’s grades were plummeting, and that her behavior was increasingly becoming erratic.


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