GOP Senator Conrad Burns really does have a knack for talking himself into some political jams. A spokesman for a Muslim group has just now sharply criticized Burns for his remark, just reported this morning, that America confronts a “faceless enemy” of terrorists who “drive taxi cabs in the daytime and kill at night.” In an interview with Election Central, the spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, slammed Burns’s comments: “It just adds to the overall atmosphere of anti-Muslim hysteria and xenophobia.”

As Election Central reported earlier today, Burns, who’s under fire for other recent gaffes, made the comments on Wednesday at a fundraiser headlined by Laura Bush.

Hooper of CAIR told Election Central that Burns’s comments could spread beyond his own small base. He argued that such comments from high-ranking American politicians can tarnish the U.S.’s image in the Muslim world.

“It doesn’t help our nation either domestically or internationally,” Hooper said. “These types of comments are picked up by news sources around the world, they’re spread on the internet, and people hear about them. It’s no longer that some local politician can say something to pander to a local audience, because their views will be published internationally.”


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