A former Enloe High School teacher who sued after he was punished for inviting an anti-Islamic speaker to school will not receive any money nor have his personnel record cleared as part of a tentative settlement with the Wake County school system.
Under the agreement, released by the school board Tuesday, Robert Escamilla will drop his lawsuit and any future claims against the school system provided school leaders agree he has met standards placed on him as part of a corrective action plan.
“It’s advantageous for the school board,” said school board attorney Ann Majestic. “It puts the issue to bed for the school system.”
Escamilla was suspended in February 2007 after he invited an Egyptian-born Christian to speak at Enloe. Some parents, the ACLU and the Council on American-Islamic Relations complained that the speaker had denounced Islam.
Escamilla was reprimanded and transferred to Phillips, an alternative school. The school board also released negative parts of his personnel file to justify its decision not to grant Escamilla’s request to return to Enloe.


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