There is nothing “Islamic” about terrorism.
As the race for the presidency heats up, and with the New Jersey primary less than two weeks away, the Republican candidates are gathering for a debate tonight in Florida. The event will likely leave people asking a lot of questions (such as who was the most conservative, who won the debate and who was the one who will get the biggest bump in the polls).
But there is still one question left unanswered from the last GOP debate in Florida — a question posed by Rudy Giuliani.
“You’ve got a Democratic debate, and not a single one of those Democratic candidates used the word ‘Islamic terrorism’. I don’t know who they think they’re offending,” said Giuliani during the debate. “The people they’re offending are the people we want to offend — the Islamic terrorists.”
Giuliani asked the question, and now it’s time it was answered.
“Those engaged in such heinous [terrorist] acts know that unless they pair it up with something that’s really positive and invokes strong emotions from people, they would not be able to garner support from anyone,” said Afsheen Shamsi, the community relations director for New Jersey’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “For [U.S.] political leaders to also constantly put those terms together creates confusion in the minds of the general public.”
The answer is not that the Democrats are worried about offending the very same people we are fighting, as Giuliani so ignorantly hypothesized. (MORE)


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