The 12-year-old sister of one of the Ft. Dix Six terror suspect says was assaulted at her Cherry Hill school.
The family of suspect Mohamed Shnewer spoke out at the Princeton office of the Council of American-Islamic Relations but they didn’t want their faces shown or release the little girl’s name. They said it was for their protection. Inas Shnewer, the girl’s 19-year-old sister relayed what the little girl told the family.
The attack happened on September 19th between the girl’s 5th and 6th period classes at Carusi Middle School. A tall, teen-aged boy came up to the girl.
“He grabbed her from behind and said ‘there’s a terrorist on the loose.’ And then he uses the b – word. you terrorist. He punches her and he tells her ‘your brother’s never going to come back,” said Inas Shnewer.
The family says they knew something was wrong because her face was bruised but she didn’t tell anyone until the following day. “The next day she told the guidance counselor. The counselor told her to promise her not to tell anyone,” said Shnewer.
Afsheen Shamsi of CAIR New Jersey says that’s the most troubling thing. “We are very concerned the school told the victim not to report it to anyone.” Shamsi says that Islamophobia has been growing in recent years and for the protection of Muslim students, the school needs to look into what happened.
Shnewer also says the school didn’t try hard enough to find her sister’s attacker, who still remains unidentified and unpunished. “They showed her yearbook pictures and took her to the lunchroom.” Shnewer says her sister described the boy as older, possibly high school age but the school didn’t listen. (MORE)


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