Mohamad Khalil was eating dinner with a friend in a downtown Paterson, N.J. restaurant when chilling words were thrown his way, according to a police report.
“Terrorist,” “Do you have your bomb belt?” “Are you going to slit my throat? Where is your knife?” were just some of the quotes cited in the police report.
Another was “Osama Bin Laden lover.”
The man uttering the words then allegedly turned on Khalil’s partner, Sandra Damrah — an American-born woman who says her father fought in World War Two and her brother in Vietnam– and told her to “go back to your country.”
“Your people are ruining my country,” the man allegedly said.
The verbal assault appears to have stemmed from a battle over Khalil’s efforts to get custody of his young son.
The man who allegedly made those comments is, according to Khalil, a state Division of Youth and Family Services employee handling Khalil’s case. That state worker just happened to see Khalil and Damrah at the restaurant. …
According to James Yee, Executive Director of New Jersey’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the boy was put in a Christian home and is being raised with Christian cultural values, an instance the group said happens all to often with a state agency that is too often insensitive to keeping Muslim children in Muslim families. (More)


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