The 12-year-old sister of a Fort Dix terror suspect alleges she was attacked at a township school in an apparent hate crime, an Islamic group said Monday.
The sister of Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer, one of six men accused of plotting an attack on the Burlington County military installation, says she was choked and punched at Carusi Middle School in an incident last month, according to the New Jersey chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
The assailant allegedly said, “There’s a terrorist on the loose,” and told the girl, “Your brother will never come back,” according to Afsheen Shamsi, a CAIR-NJ spokeswoman.
“It does seem that she was targeted because of the alleged plot that her brother had engaged in,” said Shamsi. “It’s really sad and terrible.”
The civil-liberties group has scheduled a news conference today at its Princeton headquarters to demand that the FBI and state Office of Bias Crimes investigate the alleged attack and find and prosecute the assailant.
An FBI spokesman said the agency did not know of the alleged assault until Monday.
“The FBI takes allegations of . . . hate crimes seriously, said Special Agent J.J. Klaver. But, he added, “It has to be determined that this was, in fact, a hate crime.”
The girl, who has since moved to Jordan with her mother, has been unable to identify a suspect, Shamsi said. She declined to give the girl’s name.
Shamsi said the incident occurred after the girl stopped at her locker en route to a class at Carusi. “This boy just came up to her,” she said. “He was choking her and punched her in the face once.”
She said the girl, described as “dazed” after the assault, did not immediately report the incident to school officials. Family members learned of the alleged assault that night, and reported it to the school the next day, Shamsi said. (MORE)


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