The Pakistani immigrant who was allegedly assaulted by a group of Orthodox Jewish teens said yesterday he is still shaken more than a week after the attack and fears others will become victims “if justice is not served here.”

Wearing bandages over his broken nose and his eyes still black-and-blue from the Oct. 29 beating in Brooklyn, Shahid Amber warned yesterday, “What can happen to me can happen to anyone.”

“There is so much hate out there, and the hate is so strong that it can lead to violence. I’m sure that if this is not stopped here, then there may be other victims,” said Amber, 24, adding he could barely sleep and was having nightmares.

Five youths face hate crime charges in the beating of Amber, who was eating ice cream outside a Dunkin’ Donuts in Midwood when his attackers “started hooting at me. They were shouting slogans – ‘Muslim terrorist’ – and cursing me: ‘Go back to your country,'” he said.

Amber’s attorney, Omar Mohammedi, said 10 other teens who “were enticing, were encouraging the bias crime” also should be charged.


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