The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), has worked tirelessly as an advocate for justice and peace for over a decade.

As the largest Muslim civil rights advocacy and educational outreach organization in the United States and Canada, we have made great strides in building mutual respect among peoples of all faith traditions across the country.

In the Cleveland area, CAIR has advocated for social causes such as immigration reform, equity in school funding, racial harmony, domestic violence prevention, and community oriented policing. Nationally we have devoted thousands of hours on joint programs with law enforcement to promote public safety and national security.

The false allegations that CAIR supports terrorism or is a front for terrorist organizations do not stand up to scrutiny. In fact, CAIR has taken the lead in condemning violence and killing in the name of religion, and we have roundly condemned all parties in conflicts where innocent people are targeted.

CAIR has received countless letters of support from individuals and groups that know about our work firsthand. Excerpts from these letters can be found on our website under the link entitled “What They Say about CAIR.” The statements include dozens of elected officials, clergy leaders, members of law enforcement and ordinary people.

As to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, surely reasonable people can agree to disagree on how best to solve that very complex situation. It is much harder to build the bridge of understanding than it is to tear it down. Mr. Neiditz might want to get to know the people he is maligning.

Isam Zaiem, president
Cleveland Chapter, CAIR


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