A complaint filed with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission accuses a Cleveland taxi company of discrimination for refusing to let a Somali man apply for a job as a cab driver.

The Tuesday filing came a day before the city is scheduled to award Americab and two other cab companies, Yellow Cab and Ace, an exclusive contract to pick up passengers at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

An airport spokeswoman said the complaints will not delay the meeting today to discuss the contract, which is worth millions of dollars for the city and the cab companies.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations of Ohio filed the discrimination charge on behalf of Anthony Rozier, a former driver for Americab. Rozier, a Cleveland resident, also submitted an individual complaint.

In his complaint, Rozier said he overheard an Americab manager tell another worker last year that “We don’t hire Somalians.”

The remark came after the manager told an unidentified Somali man who came to apply for a job as a driver that the company had no cabs available to lease, according to the complaint.

Rozier said in a phone interview that the manager gave applications to other, non-Somalis who visited his office the next week.


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