A Muslim-American advocacy group is calling on the FBI to investigate an attack on Muslims outside a South Linden mosque as a possible hate crime. A Columbus police report said a large group of black men yelled derogatory statements and threw rocks, hitting one mosque-goer in the back and breaking two windows at Masjid AsSahaaba, 795 E. Hudson St., just before midnight Friday.
The attack was a “biased attack on Muslim men leaving the mosque after prayer during the Ramadan season,” the report said.
Ramadan is an Islamic holy month during which Muslims fast during daylight hours and spend additional hours in prayer.
But the mosque’s imam and a witness say they don’t think the attack was motivated by prejudice. They say the group who threw rocks at Muslims would’ve caused trouble for anyone they came across.
Romin Iqbal, staff attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Ohio, said it wasn’t clear what motivated the group to throw rocks, and he wants the FBI to investigate.
The mosque’s imam, Abdiiaziz Abdi, said police told him they had thrown rocks at an old man down the street before coming to the mosque.
A witness said last night that a group of 20 or more teenage boys walked down E. Hudson Street past the mosque before a few turned around and threw rocks. The man identified himself as Robert but would not give a last name. (MORE)


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