A satirical cartoon depicting U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama has caused a stir with some Oklahoma Muslim leaders.
Razi Hashmi, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Oklahoma chapter, said the cartoon illustration on the July 21 cover of The New Yorker magazine is offensive to Muslims in more ways than one.
The illustration was created by Barry Blitt and shows Obama (who professes to be a Christian) wearing traditional Muslim clothing of a turban, robe and sandals. His wife, Michelle, is shown with a huge afro, dressed in combat boots and camouflage, and wearing an assault rifle over her shoulder.
In the background beyond the couple, a picture over the fireplace depicts an image that looks a lot like terrorist Osama Bin Laden, Hashmi said.
Hashmi said the illustration is “anti-Muslim” in that it “tries to link Islam with all these negative things” like racism and terrorism.
Hashmi said he and others at CAIR have found out that the leaders at The New Yorker are saying the cartoon, called “The Politics of Fear,” is an illustration of the way people with right-wing leanings are portraying Obama.
He said he thinks their idea to cast aspersions on right-wingers actually just did the opposite by helping spread the anti-Muslim and racist notions that they are attributing to the right-wing. (MORE)


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