NORMAN – The University of Oklahoma’s Undergraduate Student Congress on Tuesday condemned Oklahoma’s recent ban on international and Shariah law.
With two members abstaining, the other 23 members of the Student Congress voted unanimously in favor of a resolution stating that the recent passage of State Question 755 hurts OU’s ability to function on the international stage and when recruiting international students. …
“Students see our lawmakers pass bills like this, and they are embarrassed,” said Shayna Daitch, international and area studies representative and the bill’s author.
“Our lawmakers talk about keeping college students in state, but that will never happen as long as we keep singling out minorities and embarrassing ourselves on the national stage,” she said. “Students want to get their degree and get out so they no longer have to live in a state that does things like this.”
Daitch, a Jewish student, said no one should be singled out in state law and that the ballot question easily could have singled out Jewish and Catholic teachings, as well as Islam.
“I hope that if my faith was under attack, someone would stand up for me,” she said. “What if the bill outlawed Jewish law? And technically the 10 Commandments are international law, and I don’t think many Oklahomans would appreciate knowing that they outlawed parts of their own faith.”
Before the vote, the group heard testimony from a Muslim student who said Shariah law is not written in the Quran and that not all Muslims follow Shariah law.
Muneer Awad, executive director of the Oklahoma Chapter of the Council for American-Islamic Relations, told the Tulsa World recently that Shariah is guidance for Muslims on how to practice and interpret their faith in daily interactions and in society. Awad filed suit last week in an effort to overturn State Question 755. (More)


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