A Springettsbury Township man received anti-Muslim hate mail last week after the York Daily Record/Sunday News published a guest column he wrote responding to the pope’s remarks about Islam last month.

Abul Hasan, a physics professor at Penn State York, received the anonymous letter Sept. 28 and reported it to township police, who are investigating.

The handwritten letter called Islam an “evil violent cult” that teaches hatred and intolerance and should be “wiped from the face of the Earth.”

It closed, suggesting, “It would be a good idea to reactivate those ovens at Auschwitz. In the meantime . . .”

Hasan received an anti-Muslim letter in 2002 with similar handwriting – also shortly after the Daily Record published his comments, he said.

The anonymous letter read in part, “It should be legal to shoot Muslims on sight; unfortunately, it’s not. Summary execution.”

Hasan reported last week’s letter to the FBI and the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, which has received seven other reports of anti-Muslim incidents this year statewide. . .

Hasan, 56, said the letters won’t stop him from speaking out to explain the views of Muslims to the broader community.

“I’m not going to stop writing,” said Hasan, an active member of the local chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. . .

Last year, the Council on American-Islamic Relations received 153 reports of anti-Muslim hate crime complaints from all over the country.

This was an 8.6-percent increase from the 141 complaints received in 2004.

CAIR processed an additional 1,972 civil-rights complaints – a 30-percent increase in the number of complaints of anti-Muslim harassment, violence and discriminatory treatment received in 2004.


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