The Philadelphia regional chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) held a press conference yesterday announced a yearlong initiative to increase understanding of Islam.

“We believe that people of all faiths can come to view this episode as a learning experience,” said CAIR Philadelphia’s Adeeba Al-Zaman.

The new initiative called “Explore the Life of Muhammad” will feature a town hall-style meeting to discuss the current situation this Saturday and screenings of a PBS documentary on Islam’s founder. . .

Both Majeed and Al-Zaman said that the majority of Muslims locally and worldwide do not share the views of those involved in destruction.

“We do not condone any sort of violence,” said Al-Zaman. “That’s what a majority of Muslims believe.”

For more information on the Life of Muhammad initiative visit To read the Danish newspaper’s response statement in full, visit and select “The Muhammad Affair.”


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