CAIR Media Relations Director Ahmed Rehab joined an online forum to answer questions about CAIR’s new “Beyond Stereotypes” initiative.
Read the transcript here.
Question: Can you please give us more information about CAIR’s new initiative and what it aims to accomplish?
Answer: Thank you Amjad for starting us off with this question.
CAIR’s initiative, “Beyond Stereotypes”, was launched to educate media personnel whether they are reporters, editors, producers, or otherwise, about basic Islamic terms, practices, and issues. This project falls under the part of our mission statement that is “understanding Islam.”
CAIR believes that anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamophobia, whether inadvertent or malicious, prosper in the absence of accurate information about Muslims and Islam.
Generally speaking, once people become better informed, they tend to be less likely to engage in the caricaturing of Islam and Muslims.
Most people in the media are honest, hardworking men and women who desire to do the best job they can. As such, they welcome this initiative.


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