San Diego Muslim leaders condemned the airplane terror plot and asked for law enforcement to help guard against any possible backlash.

Police said the suspects are all Muslim and some have ties to Pakistan.

The Bank of England froze the assets of 19 people early Friday, naming them as people arrested Thursday in connection with an alleged terror plot to bomb British passenger jets.

“On the advice of the police and security services, the Treasury has instructed the Bank of England to issue notices to effect a freeze of the assets of a number of individuals arrested in yesterday’s operations,” a Treasury statement said.

Most of those named in the list were London residents, and many bore Muslim names.

Scotland Yard had no immediate comment.

San Diego Muslims said they want to make sure they are not targeted just because they share the same religion.

“Whenever something goes on, we are prepared to take any precautions in case a backlash occurs,” said Edgar Hopida of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “Usually there is some sort of backlash, nationally. We are hoping in San Diego that doesn’t occur.”


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