While Fox TV host Bill O’Reilly insists everyone say Merry Christmas to everyone this month, today calls for a different greeting for millions of Americans. This is the day Muslims mark the end of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, the Hajj.
After morning prayers, Muslims will hold Eid ul Adha (Festival of the Sacrifice) celebrations at local mosques and community centers. Find a celebration near you here at a location site sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).
CAIR also offered a verse from the Quran (3:133-136) that expressed the spirit of the pilgrimage days leading up to the Eid. It says, in part:

Rush toward the forgiveness from your Lord to a paradise as vast as the heavens and the earth that is prepared for the righteous people; they are those who spend generously in the way of God, whether they are in prosperity or in adversity, who control their anger and forgive other people, for God loves such charitable people…

And just as people may wishing each other Happy Holidays or Happy Hanukkah this month (if they’re sure Bill O’Reilly can’t hear them), CAIR suggests the appropriate greeting for Muslim friends and co-workers is “Eid Mubarak” (blessed Eid).


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