After awhile it all sounds the same.
After you’ve been to a few candidate forums, everything starts to sound the same. In some cases, that’s because it is. At a mayoral forum, it’s a guarantee that in Jan Drago’s opening statement she’ll say something about hitting the “reset button” and James Donaldson will stand tall and note that the job takes a “big man.” Over on the Executive side, Susan Hutchison will say she “solves problems and fixes things” and Dow Constantine will talk about fighting the Maury Island gravel mining operation.
After so much of the same, you get desperate for someone to mix it up. Enter Sunday’s Exec and Port Commission forum by the Council on Islamic-American Relations, Muslim Students Association, and Islamic Circle of North America.
It’s the first time in several years that the larger local Muslim groups have gotten together to host an election forum, notes Council President Arsalan Bukhari.
Bukhari says there will be general management questions for the candidates (so Ross Hunter should still get a chance to remind us what a waste Seely’s beloved Water Taxi is.) But the candidates will also be asked to commit to keeping racial, ethnic and religious profiling out of law enforcement training. “It’s a great opportunity for elected officials to meet constituents who are Muslim,” Bukhari says. Adding that he hopes it will increase interest in local races in both the Muslim community and among King County residents as a whole.
The forum is free, open to the public and includes dinner (food being the great attendance incentivizer and all). All the candidates have RSVP’d, Bukhari says. Doors open at 5:00 at the Old Redmond Schoolhouse, 16600 NE 80th.


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