RALEIGH – A national Muslim advocacy group has rebuked the Wake County Public School system for allowing a Christian evangelist to speak at Enloe High School and distribute pamphlets denouncing Islam.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations said the school system will have created a “discriminatory, hostile learning environment,” violating federal civil rights law, if it does not investigate the incident and apologize to students.

The complaint stems from a guest appearance last week in several classes by Kamil Solomon, a Raleigh-based Christian evangelist, who urged students to shun Muslims.

“When you bring in somebody to distribute hate-filled literature without an opportunity for rebuttal, you have a disturbing situation,” said Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the national council, known as CAIR. “These students are obliged to be in the classroom and listen to this speaker who is presented as an authority figure by the teacher.”

‘Don’t marry a Muslim’

Solomon’s appearance Friday in teacher Robert Escamilla’s social studies classes at Enloe, a magnet school for gifted and talented students, shocked many who took the pamphlets home and showed them to their parents, students said. One pamphlet, comparing Jesus with Muhammad, says the Muslim prophet “enslaved people, abused women and taught Muslims to terrorize non-Muslims and force them into Islam.”

“He basically told us Muslims were bad and we should convert to Christianity,” said Alyssa Kaszycki, 14, of Cary, who heard Solomon during a freshman seminar class. “He told all the girls we should never marry a Muslim man because they would take away our freedom and beat us.”

She said Solomon was their only guest speaker this semester.

Solomon, an Egyptian-born Christian who runs Kamil International Ministries Organization based in Raleigh, did not return phone messages or e-mail messages. Escamilla declined to speak about the incident.


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