The summary of events reads like the setup for a global comedy of manners.
For more than a week, primarily East African Muslim workers at the meatpacking plant in north Greeley have squared off against largely Latino workers with JBS Swift & Co., which is owned by a Brazilian family, caught in the middle of a religious-inspired dispute.
The punch line, however, has been no joke. The dispute has lasted more than a week, seen more than 100 workers fired and both sides have traded accusations of abuse and threats of violence.
Below the surface, however, simmers a broader cultural clash that touches the core of what it means to work in America — even in a small city like Greeley — in an ever more interconnected world…
Despite the challenges, disputes like these are nearly always resolved in a mutually satisfactory way, Hooper said.
“In these situations, the best prescription is open communication, honest communication and a spirit of mutual cooperation,” he said. “A mutually agreeable solution can be worked out.” (MORE)


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