In an effort to support American journalist Roxana Saberi, some faculty and students at Northwestern started a hunger strike Friday. Iran denies it, but Saberi herself has been on a hunger strike since April 21, protesting her eight-year prison sentence.

She was arrested in late January, initially accused of working without press credentials. But in early April, an Iranian judge charged her with espionage. She was then sentenced after a one-day trial behind closed doors. Her lawyer appealed the ruling. The case has caused tension between Washington and Iran, straining an already contentious relationship.
As difficult, foreign and far away as the case may be, it hasn’t stopped people from trying to free her and get her story told. The Rev. Jesse Jackson is trying to get a visa to travel to Iran to negotiate Saberi’s release. The Council on American-Islamic Relations is working on delegations, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has already asked Iran for Saberi’s release. The case has also touched students back at Northwestern. (More)


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