A tentative agreement was reached Monday between the Wake County school system and a former Enloe High School teacher who sued after he was punished for inviting an anti-Islamic speaker to talk with his students.
Social studies teacher Robert Escamilla and his attorney, Billy Strickland, said they couldn’t disclose the terms of the deal until July 1. They said the agreement was contingent upon the school district performing some actions that they couldn’t disclose yet.
“It could be a productive development if they do what they say,” he said. It would not, however, return him to Enloe, he said.
Ann Majestic, the school board’s attorney, could not be reached for comment Monday.
Escamilla was suspended in February 2007 after he invited an Egyptian-born Christian to speak at Enloe. Some parents, the ACLU and the Council on American-Islamic Relations complained that the speaker had denounced Islam and warned female students not to marry Muslim men.


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