Virgil Van Camp (Aug. 12 column, “Don’t worry about peaceniks – grown-ups will handle Islam”) obviously believes that an entire segment of society can be defined by the actions of a small number of rebels. He listed several accusations against Muslims that are completely false. He, or his source “historians,” conveniently have left the facts out of those episodes in history.

His commentary that Islam is the enemy of the West and saying that it is “demonstrably untrue” that the majority of Muslims are against violence creates more fear, animosity and mistrust between people at a time when it is crucial to stand together.

To strengthen our communities against hatred and division, we need to work together, learn from each other and build relationships for better understanding and trust.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s statement is true. Islam is a religion of peace, and most Muslims are against violence. Get to know your Muslim neighbors, and you will see for yourself that they have more in common with you than you think.

Saffia Meek
Council on American Islamic Relations-Dallas/Ft. Worth


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