Re: “Justice Interrupted – Clarity denied in Holy Land Foundation mistrial,” Oct. 23 Editorials.
We agree. Justice was interrupted and clarity was denied for the defendants and their families, for millions of taxpayer dollars spent prosecuting this trial and for the jurors whose lives were put on hold by the government’s overzealous pursuit of this case.
This case had the elements of a good movie. There was intrigue, suspense and drama, and the movie title could have been Witch Hunt in Dallas.
However, this was a trial, and unlike the theater, the most important element in a court of law is the facts.
This trial should have never taken more than two months, and 19 days of deliberation by the jury, because this case should have never gone to trial.
The prosecution charged the defendants with providing material support to Hamas, listed as a terrorist organization by the government, by giving humanitarian aid to charity committees controlled by Hamas. The fact that none of these committees, licensed by the Palestinian authority and/or the State of Israel, were on the government’s terror list should have been the acid test for determining the merits of taking this case to trial.
In lieu of real facts and evidence, the prosecution went on a fear-and-smear campaign in an attempt to win the jurors over using innuendo, guilt by association, acquaintance and scare tactics.
It was because of this that their case fell flat from the beginning.
Mustafaa Carroll, executive director, Council on American Islamic Relations – DFW Chapter


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