Informing people of other religions about Islam is important because the more people know about Islam, the less hostile toward it they will be.
For that purpose, the Council on American-Islamic Relations assisted with an open house event June 23 with the Islamic Center of San Antonio.
“The less people know about Islam, the more of a deformed view they form about the faith,” said Khalil Meek, vice president of the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
The center, which is in the Medical Center area on 8636 Fairhaven St., has been planning this for a while and it is not the first time that it held such an event, said President Solomon Hamideh.
The center also offers a class called Islam 101 at 7 p.m. every Wednesday to teach people about Islam, Hamideh said.
The event started at 2:45 p.m. with the movie “Legacy of the Prophet” that showed the life of the prophet Mohammad, his accomplishments and the basic fundamentals of his message.
Meek has been a Muslim since 1989 and grew up in Lewisville.
“If I sound like I’m preaching, please do not think so because I’m teaching actually,” Meek said. “I was going to be a Baptist minister before I converted to Islam.”
Meek began his speech saying that the council had hired a company to conduct a survey about Muslims and Islam in 2002.
The company asked the participants to rate themselves on their knowledge about the religion, Meek said, while looking at about 55 people who were sitting before him.
“People who knew nothing had very hostile answers, while the ones that knew more had more favorable opinions about Islam,” Meek said. (MORE)


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