An Internet campaign to boycott a holiday postage stamp is once again circulating around Central Texas.

The stamp in question commemorates the two biggest Muslim festivals of the year. Some residents say it’s inappropriate.

An email message is all over the web, asking people to remember attacks on the U.S. done in the name of Islam when it’s time to buy stamps, and not buy ones, commemorating Muslim celebrations Eidulfitr and Eid Uladha.

Retired postal worker Ron Smith said, “From the little kids up, they’re trained to be a terrorist and for us to honor.

I’m sure there are good Muslims, but I just don’t think it’s appropriate for our country to honor their holidays.”

Mustafaa Carroll of the Council on American Islamic Relations said, “I guess it’s just become par for the course these days.”

Local Muslim leaders said a post 9/11 America hasn’t been too friendly, and they said being un-fairly lumped in with radicals in popular opinion is nothing new.

Carroll said, “I’m more concerned with the general community, and what it’s going to look like in the years to come, because this war’s going to pass and people aren’t always going to be doing this and we have to get along after this is all said and done.”


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