A Muslim advocacy organization is requesting the FBI investigate a series of alleged hate crimes in Gresham.
The Washington state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations on Tuesday, Dec. 21, sent a letter to the FBI asking for an investigation into a Gresham man’s alleged verbal threats and physical intimidation against his Muslim neighbor.
The victim on Friday, Dec. 10, was granted a temporary stalking protective order against the man in the 17400 block of Southeast Stark Street.
According to court documents, the series of threats began in early November when the suspect reportedly pushed the alleged victim, trapping her with his body against a wall in their apartment complex’s laundry room.
Two weeks later, he allegedly threatened to shoot her dog and rape her “while you pray with your head on the ground.” He also reportedly confronted her in the parking lot and threatened to kill her, adding, “You snitch, called the cops on me.” …
The woman lived at the complex for a year without any problems until she converted to Islam and began wearing a headscarf, wrote Arsalan Bukhari, the chapter’s executive director, in his letter to the FBI.
She also expressed concern that while police helped her, they did not “respond with the speed or fervor that indicated they recognized the seriousness of the threats,” Bukhari wrote. One responding officer reportedly told her she should consider not wearing her religious headscarf to avoid angering the suspect.
“After countless calls to the police, and a stalking order, the police claim the perpetrator is a ‘nice guy,’ and have failed to arrest him,” Bukhari wrote. (More)


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