The Muslim Student Awareness Network (MSAN) launched its seven-week Islam awareness campaign “A Taste of Islam: Stamping Out Stereotypes” last week, to celebrate the diversity of the Muslim community as well as to dispel negative stereotypes associated with the religion.

“We want to share who we are – we feel like we’ve spent so much time saying who we’re not,” said junior Mabrookah Heneidi, treasurer of MSAN and a coordinator of the campaign. “We have so many rich cultures we just want to share it with people.”

In coordination with Bechtel International Center and the Religious Studies program, MSAN is hosting a weekly dinner series that focuses on a different Muslim region of the world each week. The dinner features food from that particular Islamic region, as well as an informational display, entertainment and a guest speaker who will address a specific theme.

The guest speakers at the dinners will address a variety of issues, including Islam in the Media and Women in Islam….


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