Two hate-crime charges have been laid against a man accused of spray-painting “Die Muslim Die” at Ryerson University. The incident was one of many last summer and fall targeting Middle Easterners at the school. Kevin Haas, not a student at the school, was initially charged in October with mischief and threatening death. Two charges of promotion of hatred were filed against him this week, police announced yesterday. The incidents occurred between June and October of last year, police said. They included slurs against Muslims, Arabs and Jews.

The anti-Muslim spray-painting was the first known incident. According to those at the school, others included pamphlets threatening the president of the Muslim association, notices on bulletin boards urging the public to “kill these Islamic infidels” and a letter slipped under the door of the Arab and Muslim student offices that said: “Those who follow Islam need to be killed in the worst possible way imaginable.” Mr. Haas, 22, comes from a Jewish household.


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