As temperatures drop in Canada this winter, Muslim women have a new – and warmer – alternative to their traditional hijabs.

A young entrepreneur from Ottawa has designed fashionable head covers, made from water-resistant nylon and lined with fleece, which can be worn alone or over a traditional hijab.

The toasty hijabs are the brainchild of Abeer Al-Azzawi, a 24-year-old graduate student who got into design because of a gap she saw in the clothing market for young women.

“There’s so much out there for girls who wear anything else, but (not so much) for a 14-year-old who wears a hijab, if she wants to go shopping on a Saturday morning,” said Al-Azzawi, who launched her online enterprise,, about eight months ago.

She now sells a line that includes a hardy nylon winter hijab and a light, organic model she’s dubbed “So Soy”. She has customers in North America, Europe and Japan.

Al-Azzawi’s focus is on making head coverings that Muslim women in the West can feel comfortable wearing.

“I can make (hijabs) better for girls who want to wear the hijab, but are scared,” she said. “I can do that for them.”

“Response has been great. Some hijabs are out of stock, because the minute they’re made, they’re out the door.” (MORE)


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