The words and symbols are hateful and chilling.

Codiac RCMP are attempting to link a series of spray-painted messages, including swastikas and racist declarations, at five different Moncton locations during the last 48 hours.

RCMP Cpl. Mike Gaudet said graffiti is common in Metro Moncton, but most messages are harmless messages, such as some that have popped up promoting the “class of 2008.” These latest examples, however, are disturbing and police are taking them seriously.

“We don’t know if we are dealing with an organized group or an individual who has taken it upon himself to leave these terrible messages,” the officer said.

“We’re looking for anyone in the community who has more information. Someone has to step forward and tell us more.”

Two large swastikas and racist messages were spray-painted on the side of Moncton’s two-year-old mosque on High Street. One swastika was painted in black, while the other and the message were painted in red.

“Why?” asked worshipper Abdullah Delancey as he attempted to scrub the thick paint off the vinyl siding during yesterday afternoon’s heat wave.

“It scares our kids. In fact, it scares a lot of our members. That’s probably why I am the only one here working on this. Some of our members are afraid to come back.”

Other offensive messages were found during the last two days at the Tiferes Israel Synagogue on Steadman Street, the Mapleton Road Shell station and Beaverbrook School and St. Hubert restaurant, both on Mountain Road.

“Our criminal intelligence unit is working on these crimes and we’re taking this matter very seriously,” Gaudet said.

“Our investigation is in the preliminary stages and we are gathering as much information as we can. We’re going to need some help from the community.” (MORE)


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