When U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., suggested that bombing Mecca might be an appropriate response to the terrorist threat, he sent shock waves around the world. And he thrilled many of his supporters. I heard from dozens of nuke-happy Tancredo fans, though not all of them had the courage to sign their names.

From Don MacEwan: “Islam was and is the religion of terror. … Putting forth a warning to Islam that mutually assured destruction means their holy city of Medina is nuked if they do not curb their terrorist urges seems to be a prudent step.”

From Cynthia J. Starks: “The problem is with the religion of Islam. … These people are EVIL!!”

From John M. Conway: “I think Mr. Tancredo is right. … These people are barbarians and it’s bed-wetting cowards such as yourself who somehow think they can be reasoned with.”

From Margaret Wilmott: “Tancredo hit a nerve. Good for him. I’d prefer a first strike.

Why wait?” . . . All religions have extremists who ration alize violent behavior through some distorted interpretation of their faith, he said. “Eric Rudolph is one of those radicals who went out and started bombing places because he thought he had a religious duty to do that. You don’t go out and bomb the Vatican to stop that.” He said the misunderstanding of Islam among Americans – especially people in positions of power – is appalling. “That someone in Congress on the International Relations Committee is able to make such statements … and have no shame whatsoever, no understanding whatsoever of the emotions of the more than 7 million Muslims in the U.S., that’s what shocks us, that’s what angers us and scares us,” he said. “It’s such a high level of ignorance of our beliefs,” he said. “It’s such a message of hate.”

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