Why are the Muslims so violent? Why must a Muslim kill another Muslim? Why do “the cartoons” bother them so much? Sometimes these questions get tiring. But most of the time it is tiring to find that thin grey line the media draws between religious fanaticism and religious faith.

I wish I had a podium just like Glenn Beck and others on CNN or Fox News. I wish I could get in front of the camera and tell you that I am a Muslim and I am the “religious you” in many ways.

Violence is not a Muslim trait. It is a human one. Most of us forget that the socioeconomic and political environment is not the same everywhere. The path of nonviolence is easily afforded to us. But others exercise violence without any regard. Some get violent over images in a newspaper, while others do it to incite fear. Yet others like Glenn Beck associate violence with Islam to propagate fear.

There is little to no coverage of rallies where Muslims denounce terrorism and violence on a national or international scale. No coverage of the events where Muslims work with others in their communities to remove the wave of isolationism that has gripped us. Fear among the general population coupled with the daily commentaries by people like Glenn Beck is isolating us from a meaningful dialogue. The only dialogue broadcast is one where we complain about the need for dialogue.

Every time Glenn Beck asks, “Where are the peace-loving Muslims now?” I can’t help but hold my head in dismay. Where was he when I denounced the violence over the cartoons? Where was he when I was angry at the senseless killings in Iraq? My fellow Americans, I wish you knew I existed and I wish you knew there were millions like me.

We all know that fear makes us do very bad things. I wish mine was the voice of Muslims that is heard across our nation. I wish mine was the voice that compelled you to fight the fear; to fight Islamophobia. I wish mine was the voice that overcame the negativity that emanates from the likes of Glenn Beck. (MORE)


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