Greenwich Library officials, yielding to free speech arguments, reversed their decision to bar a group from giving two lectures on Israeli-Palestinian relations at the library.

David Brownwood, a member of the library’s Board of Trustees, said Wednesday that officials consulted with First Amendment lawyers and library management before deciding to permit the lectures to go forward.

Alison Weir, founder of If Americans Knew, a group critical of Israel and U.S. media coverage of the Middle East, will to speak at the library Thursday and Saturday.

She said she was pleased that the event will be scheduled, but said she was concerned about the library’s initial action blocking her from speaking at the library.

“The only thing that concerns me now is that the library management basically already said that my program violated public sensitivities,” Weir said.

Library officials had said they canceled Weir’s planned talks following complaints by some residents about her and the organization. Roberta Denning, president of the library board of trustees, had said she and the library’s management canceled the talks because they were “offensive to public sensitivity.” (MORE)


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