In an unusual plea for campaign funds, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) recently evoked images of racism against Arab- Americans, criticized a congressional colleague by name, and reminded potential donors of a 2001 bomb threat to his office.

“I am one of only five Arab-Americans in Congress,” begina a letter written by Issa to potential donors. “I have been personally the target of anti-Arab racism and hate speech on the Internet and in other media.”

The letter, which was sent to roughly 80,000 members of the Muslim and Arab community on Oct. 24, cited an incident in December 2001 when Issa’s California office was the target of a bomb plot.

“Inspired by the malicious writings of one person, members of the radical Jewish Defense League targeted my California office — a U.S. Congressman’s office – in a terrorist bomb plot that was thwarted by the FBI just days before it was to be carried out.”

The two members of the Jewish Defense League were later charged with plotting to blow up a California mosque as well. Issa believed he was targeted as a result of a local columnist who targeted him based on his ethnicity. (MORE)


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