(WASHINGTON, D.C., 11/14/2007) – Members of the Muslim American Veterans Association (MAVA) placed a wreath at the National WWII Memorial this past Sunday to honor all Americans who served in that conflict. This was the tenth year that MAVA conducted its Memorial Day wreath-laying ceremony.

American Muslim Veterans of WWII, Korea, Vietnam and other conflicts participated in the wreath-laying.

Speaking at the ceremony, MAVA Founder Dr. Christopher C. Bell, Jr., Major, USAR Retired noted, “We Americans do not enjoy freedom of religion because of the preachments and prayers of pastors, or ministers, or Imams, or Bishops, or Rabbis. We enjoy this freedom by virtue of our Constitution and the historical role and sacrifices of our soldiers.”

Among the honorees at this year’s ceremony were WWII veterans Sheik Nazim Abdul-Kareem, Lee Islam and Habibah Nuridin.

Click here to reada Department of Defense transcript of remarks by Deputy Secretary Gordon England acknowledging MAVA and the service of some of its members here (6/06/2006).


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