Reading the lame platitudes in Nabeel Jawarhir’s June 10 commentary about the media’s so-called “distortion” of Islam made me sick.

Don’t believe for one second that Islam will be content to peacefully coexist with non-Muslims in this nation indefinitely.

If you listen to what they teach their children and to the sermons delivered in their mosques, you will find that they will never stop until they have dominated and converted our nation and government to Islam.

They are dead set on bringing the world’s citizens under the bloody rule of Islam. Infidels (non-Muslims) are being and will be slaughtered like sheep.
Kindergarteners are being, and will be, taught that their highest motive in life is to die for the sake of Islam. Young girls are being, and will be, circumcised for the sake of sexual purity. Great historical monuments have been, and will be, demolished in the name of Islam.

The world is in the throes of one of the gravest threats in history, and only through the power of God will we be able to prevail.

Billy Ray Hughes, Waco


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