WASHINGTON (AP) – Terror suspects at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba told U.S. interrogators as early as April 2002, just four months after the first detainees arrived from Afghanistan, that U.S. military guards abused them and desecrated the Quran, according to declassified FBI records released Wednesday. ”Their behavior is bad,” one detainee is quoted as saying of his guards during an interrogation by an FBI special agent in July 2002. ”About five months ago the guards beat the detainees. They flushed a Quran in the toilet.” In an April 6, 2002 FBI interrogation, a detainee said guards had been ”pushing them around and throwing their waste bucket at them in the cell, sometimes with waste still in the bucket, and kicking the Quran.”

Another detainee stated that he had been beaten unconscious at Guantanamo Bay in the spring of 2002, a period in which U.S. interrogators were pressing hard for intelligence information they believed some of the detainees held on the planning, structure and tactics of Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida terrorist network. The newly released FBI records do not indicate whether the allegations were substantiated or even investigated. (MORE)


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