I commend the Orange County Register for an outstanding editorial, “FBI creates climate of fear,” that clearly brought to the fore the unbalanced relationship between the American Muslim community and the FBI [Opinion, March 22].

American Muslims are law-abiding citizens who positively contribute to the fabric of American society. They have sacrificed time, money and even life- by serving in the Armed Forces, for example- to contribute to the well being of this nation.

Since 9/11, American Muslims have cooperated with government agencies to help prevent extremism by holding town hall meetings and engaging in dialogue with the FBI.

However, the provocations and McCarthy-era tactics on behalf of the FBI have proven to be a major disappointment to the peaceful American Muslim community. The FBI should change its approach by treating Muslims as first-class citizens, apologizing for its un-American and unethical behavior, and disciplining those rogue elements who allowed for spying on Southern California Muslims to take place.

Sumayyah Alsabri


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