In regard to Thursday’s article “Mosque Comment Draws Ire, Explanation”: As a proud American-Muslim and Sanford resident who attends the Sanford mosque on a regular basis, I am outraged by the bigoted and Islamophobic comments made by Commissioner Randy Jones.
Is he embarrassed by me and my family? Would he like us to move out of Sanford so that he can sell some residential property? How quintessentially un-American. Last I read, the Constitution guarantees the right to religious practice free from discrimination.
Not only does Jones owe the American-Muslim residents of Sanford an apology, he owes it to all people of conscience who work so hard at building bridges among all faiths. Thank God for civil-rights organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations that have the backbone to stand up to politicians and make them accountable to the people.
I hope the commissioner does the right thing and apologizes.
Ruhina Ahmad


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