A group of pro-Islam and pro-Palestinian students packed into the Student Senate chamber Tuesday night to protest a Student Government-funded ad voicing student support for Israel.

The full-page ad, which cost a little more than $1,160, ran in the Independent Florida Alligator on March 28 and included the names of more than 1,500 students who signed a petition saying they support Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorists.

The issue that has incited discontent among such pro-Islam and pro-Palestinian student organizations as Islam on Campus and Nakba 48 is that the ad specifically stated that it was paid for by UF’s Student Government.

“The deceptive nature of the ad came off as if it was on behalf of every student here,” said Jason Fieldhouse, a member of Nakba 48. “Because it says ‘we the students of UF’ and doesn’t say the organization that paid for the ad, it implies that Student Government supports this.”

“The ad hurt, intimidated and violated the rights of a sizable number of UF students,” said Christina Bates, one of the protesters.

Bates added that Student Government should represent the entire student body and should be making an extra effort to include “all” the voices of the student body.


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