A Cherokee County official has resigned from her position after criticism over comments she made on her Web site about Israel.

Mary Catarineau, who is on the Cherokee County Planning Commission, wrote about dismantling Israel as a way to achieve peace in the Middle East in March 22 entry on her Web site, “My Diary With God.”

And in a March 24 entry, Catarineau wrote that Israel “was artificially created to provide a place for Jews to avoid persecution after the Holocaust. The Holocaust is not going to recur, and Israel has caused nothing but problems. Jews can remain or leave, but give the land back to the Muslims.”

Cherokee County is a fast-growing county north of Atlanta.

Catarineau said she wanted the Internet posts to encourage people to think about different ways to end the violence in that part of the world.

“If anything I wrote on the blog was offensive, I sincerely apologize,” she said. “That was not my intent.”

To avoid escalating the controversy, Catarineau said she was stepping down from her position on the planning commission and from her position on the county’s Comprehensive Plan Steering Council.


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