ATLANTA (AP) – The 1960s black militant jailed for killing a deputy has been transferred into federal custody, Georgia corrections officials said Thursday.

Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, a 63-year-old once known as H. Rap Brown, was transferred after state officials decided his high profile status presented “unique issues” that the prison system could no longer handle, said spokeswoman Yolanda Thompson. . .

Al-Amin is now waiting at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma, said Felicia Ponce, a Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman. . .

His family and friends have claimed that state prison wardens had mistreated Al-Amin.

In August 2005, a group of about of his supporters protested outside the headquarters of the Georgia Department of Corrections, claiming that Al-Amin was being subjected to solitary confinement 23-hours-a-day and forced to submit to humiliating strip searches in front of female guards.

A state prison spokesman had said Al-Amin was under lockdown because of his security risk level, which is based on an inmate’s criminal history and behavior in prison, and denied that Al-Amin would be subjected to strip searches in front of female guards.


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