For students who attend the Al-Huda Islamic Center on South Milledge Avenue, worshipping God encompasses more than attending services on Fridays to pray.

“Prayer is just one aspect of what we do,” said Hisham Ahmed, leader of the Friday services at the center. “Anything you do to glorify God could be considered an act of worship.”

Muslims believe in God, who they refer to as Allah, and his prophet Muhammad who was sent “to tell us about Allah and to tell us the messages from Allah,” Ahmed said.

As part of their faith, they are required to pray to Allah five times a day, he said. Students pray together at the center when they can, but they also pray in their dorms or in academic buildings if they can’t make it to the center.

“When we pray together on campus, we get together in the reading room in the SLC, or we’ll ask for a room in the Tate Center,” said Egal Abdi, a senior from Snellville. “Sometimes people will stare at you, and sometimes people will come up and ask what you’re doing, but I’m used to it.”


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