Students from Gaza who were awarded scholarships to study in the US but prevented from travelling by Israeli authorities, have now been allowed to leave Gaza to begin their study programme.

The US consulate in Jerusalem said on Monday that the scholarships – earlier “redirected” by the Fulbright student programme – will be reinstated.

Fulbright said it had taken the decision after the students were not able to leave Gaza to attend the course in the US.

The Fulbright Student Programme brings citizens of other countries to the US for masters degrees or PhD studies at US universities and other institutions.

Speaking on Monday, Abdelrahman Abdulla, one of the seven successful applicants, said: “Yesterday I received a letter from US consulate-general in Jerusalem, saying that they are talking with the Israeli government in order to give us exit permits from Gaza, so that we can reach the consulate in Jerusalem.

“Then they [Israeli authorities] will be instructed to complete our placements.”

Israeli view

Mark Regev, spokesman from the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs, told Al Jazeera that he “wasn’t aware there was a problem” with this case of the movement of Gaza students.

He said Israel intially received no notification from Fulbright that the students in question were “bonafide”. (MORE)


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