On Faith Co-Moderator/senior researcher, Georgetown’s Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding

On Faith Live explores What Does it Mean to be Muslim in America during a 90-minute symposium Thursday at Georgetown University. On Faith’s first live event inaugurates Georgetown/On Faith — “a new partnership aimed at providing On Faith readers a deeper and more scholarly exploration of religion in the news.”

Quinn and Mubarak were online Tuesday, April 18 at 11 a.m.

A transcript follows.

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Sally Quinn: Hi everyone. Thanks for joining us today. We have two extraordinary Muslim women with us to talk about what it means to be Muslim in America today. Ingrid Mattson is the first woman president of the Islamic Society of North America and Professor of Islamic Studies and Christian-Muslim Relations and Director of the Islamic Chaplaincy Program at Hartford Seminary in Connecticut.

Hadia Mubarak is a senior researcher at Georgetown’s Center for Muslim Christian Understanding and the first woman and first native born American to be elected to lead the National Muslim Student Association.

Both of them will be on a panel we are having tomorrow co-sponsored by the Washington Post and Newsweek’s “On Faith” site and Georgetown Univeristy. It will be from 4:400 -5:30 at Georgetown University’s Copley Hall. It’s going to be fabulous so get there early if you wnt a seat. We have the most popular South Asian rock star (Bono) in that area named Salman Ahmad who will be performing as well as speaking to our topic. I hope you enjoy the conversation.


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